getting your hair wet in a summer rain | w a r m t h | to be able to say no | thyme | bubble  baths, outdoors of course | dancing sober, especially in the MU D | your body floating in the water | tHe sound of the wind in trees | soft cushy pillows | TRAVEL as often as you can | A RIDE IN THE DESERT | passionate kisses | take that m i c r o p h o n e and SING | draw a picture like you’re still 4 years old | aNythiNg chocolate .  home made cakes from my granny  and home made sushi from my grandpa | remember how things taste | night walks at the oceanside and in the WooDs | SLEEP OUTSIDE EVERY SO OFTEN | plant  a garden | DO GOOD 4 ANIMALS | l i v e  your l i f e to the f u l l e s t  .